World's Largest Dungeon

The Next Morning

So the party awoke to find the Warrior in a bad way. He appeared to have wasted away over the night. The Cleric identified it as a case of the Devil Chills and gave some touching words as he passed on into the next world.

Soon after, an Elven Ninja stumbled upon the party after entering the tunnel on some sacred quest or other. The Ninja gets to work opening a door and is nauseated by the powerful stench of a tribe of dead troglodytes. The Swashbuckler finds a necklace (1gp) and ceremonial dagger and a toad/lizard idol.

The party goes through the door that spawned a horde of rats last time and checked the next door. It opened into a hallway with several doors leading out. There was a dead kobold on the floor, killed by something with a sword and gnawed by rats, presumably.

Going through a door we find a room with a bed in it. A hollow bed leg reveals 80g worth of Jade. The Ninja also found a secret room with several rough tables and chairs coated with dust. He also found a door with a nasty blade trap which sliced him to ribbons. After the Cleric stabilised him, we went through the door. There we found a room affected by a localised earthquake and quickly retreated back.

We were then set upon by Stirges after opening a couple of doors, which made a satisfying popping sound when they burst. Although they did attach to almost every party member and drained the cleric down to 4 Constitution. Feeling a bit shaken, we retreated and slept.

The next morning, we continued down a long hallway and found a room with 4 pillars each spouting water. After arguing outside the door for a moment we were beset by some kind of naked bathing ogre. The Wizard put him to sleep and our ninja coup de graced him for 9 damage. He made his Fort save and he awoke, taking damage from several attacks. Of course, he surrendered, giving his name as Bragdor and offering us several tidbits of information. All of which were pretty much worthless. We spared his pitiful life and moved onto the next room. Here we found a ghostly illusion and some pillars which we smashed. The next room we found some silence and more pillars to smash.

We backtracked a bit now and were back to a room where we found some animal crap, a rusty dagger, a tin cup and a 5 foot length of chain, thanks to the Ninja’s natural 20 search roll. The next room along brought us face to face with a pair of fiendish rats. They gave us a run for our money and gave the Cleric the Devil Chills before we killed them. The Ninja found a box with one unsmashed blue vial in it.

Just when we thought we were safe, a darkmantle or two descended on the ninja and downed him in one.



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