World's Largest Dungeon

Session Three

The Cleric burst into the room and healed the Ninja, only for the Ninja to be cut down again. Then the Cleric fell and then the Swashbuckler. Just when it seemed all was lost, the wizard dragged the Swashbuckler from the room where they managed to rest. Miraculously the Cleric was still alive, having stabilised during the night. Vengeance was ours, although we did lose the Ninja.

Moving on, we came upon a couple of lizardmen who fired sling bolts at us. Then a Wizard fired some magic missiles at us and we ran for it. We ducked through a rusty secret door into some kind of torture chamber. The cleric has some fun touching some shackles which put him through some kind of torturous experience.

Next up we entered a room with 3 darkmantles, which decimated the swashbuckler after two passed their checks to resist falling asleep. Just in the nick of time, a Tiefling Ninja came along named “Remiel Arterris” and was swayed by our very convincing tale of being ‘darkmantle slayers’ on a great quest to slay the ‘darkmantle king’. He comes happily along.

Soon after we found a lot of small rooms and some rubble. Through a slightly ajar door, we found some chests with 5 continual flame batons and then a few spears. Buoyed by our findings of treasure we continued on to a room where we were attacked by a fiendish rat swarm.



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